Date Journal Title Article
December 2019 IEEE Transactions on Reliability Dependability Assessment of the Android OS Through Fault Injection* link
May 2019 Empirical Software Engineering Evolutionary Fuzzing of Android OS Vendor System Services* link
June 2020 Empirical Software Engineering A comprehensive study on software aging across android versions and vendors* link


Conference Title Paper Presentation
ISSRE 2019 A Proposal for Security Assessment of Trust zone-M based Software link link
ISSRE 2019 Analyzing the Context of Bug-Fixing Changes in the OpenStack Cloud Computing Platform link link
ISSRE 2019 Auto-encoding Robot State against Sensor Spoofing Attacks link link
ISSRE 2017 Chizpurfle: A Gray-Box Android Fuzzer for Vendor Service Customizations BEST RESEARCH PAPER AWARD link link
ISSRE 2016 Software Aging Analysis of the Android Mobile OS* link link
ISSRE 2015 The Software Aging and Rejuvenation Repository* link link
NETSOFT 2015 Dependability evaluation and benchmarking of Network Function Virtualization Infrastructures* BEST CONFERENCE PAPER AWARD link link
ISSRE 2014 Improving Usability of Fault Injection* link link
ISSRE 2014 Network Function Virtualization: Challenges and Directions for Reliability Assurance* link link

Publications marked with * indicate that international authorship order does not apply. It is used, instead, an alphabetic order, due to internal policies applied by the authors’ research group.