Check this page frequently for the latest news about this crazy weekend

If you decided to come in Amsterdam, please let me know it by writing at least your name on this Google spreadsheet. You can always add the other information later.

PARTICIPANTS: Google Spreadsheet

WHERE: Amsterdam

WHEN: from Friday 14/2/2020 to Sunday 16/2/2020


The idea is simple and I’ve already told to some of you.

My birthday should be another reason to meet and spend a fun weekend together. Of course, you can extend the invitation to whoever you want.

Friday night we party hard, Saturday morning you do what you want, Saturday night we party harder, Sunday we recover and go back home.

No gift, but a lot of convincing to make everybody join!


To make things simpler, everyone should take care of its own bookings.

You need to book travel tickets and a hotel.

Travel tickets

I personally don’t know yet how to come, but from Luxembourg, it shouldn’t be a problem.

I’ll probably take a Flixbus at 7 AM from Luxembourg (P+R Bouillon) on Friday, and coming back at 21:15 from Amsterdam Sloterdijk on Sunday. But I’ll book these later in January.

You can always check Google Flight or FlixBus.

Hotel / Hostel

The hotel price can change according to your needs. Amsterdam is full of hostels as well.

I’ll suggest since now, to check on and to make a reservation.

For example, I already got a room at the Quentin England Hotel.

Another hotel can be the New West Inn Amsterdam, less than 20 minutes from the city center.

If you want to make a tech experience, I’ve been suggested the City Hub Amsterdam.

Anyway, always check on Google Maps that the hotel is not further than 30 minutes from the city center by public transportation.


Here there are some scheduled events for this weekend. You can like something and dislike anything else. However, I’d like to have you at the Saturday night party. I booked a table so we can eat together and I’m more than happy to offer you some drinks to celebrate all together.

Friday night @ BULLDOG PALACE

Friday we’ll arrive at different times, so I’d say to meet at Bulldog Palace. It’s a coffee shop and cocktail bar. We’ll arrive from different places and at different times, so when you want we can meet at the Bulldog to hang out. From there, we’ll follow the flow.

Saturday Morning @ MoCo Museum

Saturday morning I got a ticket for the MoCo museum. If you want to join, you can buy the tickets from the website (20% discount)

My ticket is at 11:30. We can meet in front of the museum at 11:00 for a coffee. After the museum, we can go and eat in the neighborhood. FYI: there are also other museums in the area (as Van Gogh museum).

Saturday Night @ Belushi’s

As already said, Saturday night, I booked a table at 20:00 at Belushi’s where we’ll have dinner. Being Saturday night and a big party, the place asked me to let them know our food order in advance (the latest is the day before). You can look at the menu here and let me know what to dine. I’m more than happy to offer you drinks in the evening. The place has a pool, darts, and a dancefloor.